Midland GB1 PMR446 Radio

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A PMR446 radio for use either in a vehicle or as a base station.

The radio has a magnetic mount antenna which is permanently connected to the radio.

Supplied with a cig lighter power lead to power the radio.

Ideal for use either car to car or in conjunction with PMR446 handhelds.

An optional PC lead & software allows the radio to have expanded frequencies & higher output power, for use where licence conditions permit (programmable from 440-451MHz).

Download brochure or instruction manual

As an alternative we can program the CRT SPACE with PMR446 channels.

Technical specifications
Frequency range: 446.00625- 446.09375 MHz (PMR446)
Working temperature: -20°/+55° C
Operating voltage: 12Vdc ± 10%
Operate mode: Simplex
Dimensions: 100x85x22mm
Weight: 220g
Antenna impedance: 50Ω
Duty cycle: 5/5/90%
Frequency stability: ±2.5PPM
Output power: ≤500mW ERP
Max frequency deviation: ≤2,5KHz
Audio distortion: ≤3%
Adjacent channel power: < 60 dB
Spurious radiation: Within European legal terms
Occupied bandwidth: Within European legal terms
RF sensibility: <0.5μV@20 dB SINAD
Audio distortion: ≤3%
Audio response: 300Hz ÷ 3KHz
Adjacent channel selectivity: Within European legal terms
Intermodulation rejection: Within European legal terms
Spurious response: Within European legal terms
Blocking: Within European legal terms
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