A range of amplified base station microphones.

Remember - all our prices include a plug, wired to fit your radio, & a battery!!   Some other suppliers charge over £5 extra for fitting a different plug.

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A modern amplified desk microphone with channel up/down compatible with many Amateur radios including Yaesu, Icom and Kenwood.

The gain is adjustable by a preset underneath the mic and it is powered by 2 x AA batteries.

This mic is supplied without any connecting cable - you need to either order a suitable cable to fit your radio or make your own.

Zetagi MB+4


A base station microphone with adjustable volume control.

  • Mic gain control
  • PTT with lock
  • Powered by a 9V PP3 battery (included)
  • Wired to fit your radio

Zetagi MB+5


A base station microphone with adjustable volume and tone controls.

VU meter indicates audio level.

  • Mic gain control
  • Tone control
  • PTT with lock
  • VU level meter
  • Powered by a 9V PP3 battery (included)
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A high quality base station microphone from this well known USA manufacturer.

  • Variable gain control underneath mic
  • High quality ceramic element
  • Large PTT
  • Lock for PTT
  • Flexible curly cable
  • Standard PP3 (9v) battery
Available to order - approx 7 days
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A replacement for the popular Sadelta EchoMaster base microphone.

Sliders provide adjustment for both volume and echo level. A preset underneath the mic allows adjustment of the echo delay.

A switch on the rear of the mic allows you to turn the "roger bleep" on or off.

The meter indicated output level (volume) and there is an adjustable neck (with wind-shield).

Powered by a 9V PP3 battery (supplied).

SOLD OUT - discontinued
Sold Out - discontinued

Superstar's version of the famous Astatic Silver Eagle Base Mic.

The entire microphone is chrome plated and has twin PTT's - a grip on the side of the mic and a push bar on the base of it.

Powered by a PP3 battery, with volume control located underneath the mic.