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PNI CB radios range from a basic model which is ideal for the occasional user up to top-of-range models that offer all the features you could possibly need, but whichever radio you choose they all offer exceptional value for money when compared to other makes.

All these models are "multi-standard" and are designed for use in all European countries. When you first turn the radio on, you select what country you are using it in and the radio will automatically select the legal bands and modes for that country!  In the UK they will cover all 80 legal channels.

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An ultra-compact mobile radio, ideal for modern vehicles where space is limited.

Multi-standard for use in all European countries, it covers both the original UK band plus the EU band, and operates on both FM and AM.

Unlike other compact radios this one has a detachable mic, and although it is on a "modular" plug you can still use other mics on it using one of our mic adapters (£8.95) to convert it to either 4 pin or 6 pin.

The radio is also supplied with a "quick release" mount & fitted cig lighter plug.

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With accessory socket for earpiece/mic

A compact basic radio covering both the UK and EU bands.

This model also has the addition of sockets on the front to allow you to plug various accessories such as headsets and an optional wireless microphone.

Supplied complete with earpiece mic as well as the standard hand mic.

Power lead with cig plug fitted.

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Dual Voltage 12/24V

A compact basic radio covering the UK and EU bands.

Dual voltage for use in either a car or truck.

Manual & automatic squelch.

Channel change microphone.

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Dual Voltage 12/24V

An advanced dual voltage mobile CB with colour LCD display.

  • Scanning
  • Manual & Automatic squelch
  • Roger bleep

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A "one-hander" CB that does not need fitting to your vehicle - ideal as a "quick fit" solution or where you have nowhere to mount a normal CB.

This radio consists of the top half of a handheld together with an in-car adapter to allow you to power it from your cig socket and connect an external antenna.

The speaker/mic socket is "standard" wired.

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A compact multi-standard dual purpose radio kit - it can be used as a portable handheld or used in your car.

As a handheld the radio comes with a sealed rechargeable battery pack, mains charger and compact flexible antenna.

Slide the battery pack off and slide the car adapter on, and the radio then becomes a "one-hander" for use in your car.  Powered from the cig ligher socket and with a connection for an external antenna such as a mag mount (not included).

The speaker/mic socket is "standard" wired.

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A 12V multistandard radio with large LCD display and a USB charge socket.

  • Manual & Auto squelch
  • RF Gain
  • ANC to reduce noise

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Dual Voltage 12/24V

An advanced dual voltage mobile CB, offering all the features you are likely to need.

  • 7 colour display
  • Scanning
  • Dual Watch
  • Frequency & channel display
  • Traditional rotary channel change & volume controls

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Dual Voltage 12/24V with DIN Mount

The HP 9500 is a DIN size CB with a front speaker that can be mounted almost anywhere. If you want a versatile CB radio that performs extremely well and also has user friendly features such as a large 7 colour dimmable display, backlit buttons, auto-squelch, scan function and 8 frequency bands that are available at the touch of a button, then this may be the CB for you.

The radio comes pre-set to the UK channels and is DIN sized for easy dash mounting. It has advanced features such as VOX facility, 2 pin hands-free capability, AM/FM switching, 12v / 24v auto-switching and key-lock.

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Compact multi-standard "hide-away" radio with all the controls in the microphone. Covering all the European bands, including AM channels where legal.

The body of the radio is constructed of aluminium and acts as a heatsink to ensure the radio remains cool wherever it is mounted.

The "microphone" includes a multi-function LCD display, the colour of which can be selected 7 different colours. The display shows channel number or frequency, s-meter, and various status indicators.

Despite it's size the radio offers a full range of features including scanning, memories, dual-watch and manual & automatic squelch.

Ideal for any vehicles where space is limited.

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This hand-held has a good solid feel to it and covers both the UK channels and all the various European bands.

It has all the features you are ever likely to want, including: scan, dual-watch, bleep, s-meter, ch.9/19, high/low power etc.

It is supplied complete with a 2600maH Li-ion rechargeable battery pack, mains charger and rubber duck antenna.

As extras we have: 

  • 12v battery eliminator
  • Replacement antennas
  • 12v cig lead (for charging)

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