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President Truman

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A good quality compact basic multistandard radio, the same size as the Harry III but with fewer features. Ideal as a mobile radio where you are looking for quality rather than features.

Features include a large clear LCD display and Presidents patented ASC automatic squelch.

Fitted with muRata filter for improved receive.

 Download a copy of instruction manual

Configuration EU 40CH AM 1W / FM 4WConfiguration E 40CH AM 4W / FM 4WConfiguration D 40CH AM 1W / FM 4W 80CHConfiguration EC 40CH FM 4W
Configuration U 40CH FM 4W CEPT and UK frequencies
Configuration PL 40CH AM 4W / FM 4W, -5KHz Polish frequencies

Transceiver, microphone, mounting bracket with mounting screws, power cord fixed, user manual in English, French, Spannish and Pollish.

- multiband AM/FM (see above)
- 6 European standards
- Volume with power ON/OFF control
- Manual and automatic squelch (ASC)
- Multi-functions LCD display
- Channel selector
- AM/FM mode switch
- Lock function
- Front microphone plug
- Jack for external speaker

- Width 125 mm
- Height 45 mm
- Depth 150 mm
Dimensions without antenna plug and/or heatsink