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A good quality 4 element directional Yagi beam antenna for use on 27/28MHz.

Made of anticorodal aluminium with a strong boom and bracket.  All elements have plastic joining sleeves and are secured with 2 screws.

Coax connection is by a SO239 socket, which comes pre-mounted, and there is adjustment for swr by a Gamma Match System.

Certainly the best quality beam currently available for CB.

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A very small (approx 1m) base antenna which can be used indoors or outdoors. Supplied with bracket and u-bolts.

This antenna will give very poor performance compared to other base antenna, and really is a last resort if you can not fit anything else. There is no groundplane required.

Expect a range of about 4 miles if mounted outside and possibly about 2 miles in the loft.

Swr is adjusted by changing the length of the coax. A cutting chart is provided and you must use the correct lenght of coax as listed (roughly multiples of 9ft).

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Probably the oldest and simplest antenna you could have - a basic 9ft + 9ft dipole.  Although these are supplied pre-tuned for 27MHz, they are easily modified for a wide range of frequencies.

These do work surprisingly well and are easy to erect. The only disadvantage is that they are weak and will break in the wind if used in an exposed area.

Sold Out - discontinued

The latest antenna from Sirio is their version of the classic Avanti Astro Plane.

An unusual design, the antenna is less than 12ft in height yet delivers the performance of a much larger antenna.

It is constructed of strong anti-corodal aluminium tubing and tuning is by a gamma match.

Indoor/Outdoor Groundplane Kit (Magnum)

SOLD OUT - no delivery date

A groundplane kit with a 3/8 stud, to allow you to use a standard 3/8 thread mobile antenna as a homebase.

Can either be used free-standing (eg in a loft) or is designed to sit on the end of a pole for use outdoors.

  • 4 x radials
  • Length 40cm
  • Standard 3/8 thread fitting
  • SO239 coax connection
  • Fits on 30-38mm mast
Discontinued - too expensive!

A high quality fibre-glass base antenna designed specifically to have a very wide bandwidth to cover all CB bands plus 10m & 12m without the need for tuning.

The antenna is approx 18ft long, claims a bandwidth of 8MHz (800 channels) and will handle a maximum of 2000W.

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